C2 Drop in skates will focus on skill development in a different areas of the game of hockey. We will provide different type of skates  such as  position specific training to focusing on individual skill sets such as skating, stick handling and shooting. . We will offer this program through out the spring and summer. Drop in for all levels and skill sets. Please click on the link below to view the various types of drops in we will offer. Spaces are limited in each drop in.  

Weekend and Weekday Drop in Skates

Birth Year & Level: It varies on the type of  skill session being offered

How do I sign up: Please click on the link below to view the different type of drop ins we will be offering thru out the year

These skates are open registration, please click below  to see available sessions/locations. The C2 Weekday or Weekend Skates will focus on skill development over the spring and summer months. On-ice sessions will involve skill development, station work and small area games focusing on hockey sense. A major emphasis on skating, passing, shooting will be present, utilizing circuit training and small area games.  It will be run by qualified C2 staff prepared to help take your child to the next level. Please click on the link below to view the dates and times of these drop in skates. Enrollment is limited and capped for better coaching and student ratio. C2 offers single session  along with group packages.

*When signing up for drop in skates , please make sure your child's level of play matches with the Drop In skill level. Example... If your child is a NWHL player, please do not place him at the level of AAA skaters

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